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Peter Tuxhorn,  informa® Managing Director

CD production

To have CDs produced by a competent partner offers several key benefits in today’s world. For example, the small discs are outstandingly suitable as advertising material, far superior to the pens and promotional flyers previously used. All you need to do is to let us know what your requirements are and we’ll take care of the rest. CD production provides you with the benefits of an enormous saving in time and extremely cheap CD production costs: it takes practically no time at all to burn a CD – other forms of advertising material just don’t get a look-in! In addition, a CD is suitable for just about anything. No matter whether you want to store photos, music or videos on it: a CD is a medium that can handle all of them.

CD manufacturing

CD manufacturing could hardly be cheaper. This results in an obvious cost benefit, which you can, for example, invest in the contents of the CD. This will then enable you to fully concentrate on the essentials. Also, CD manufacturing takes many different form factors into account. Although the widely used size used in CD manufacturing has a diameter of 12 centimetres, you can also have mini CDs of 8 centimetres. A novel idea in CD manufacturing is also the CD in the form of credit or visiting cards – a guaranteed eye-catcher in your post box. A high degree of individuality will ensure that you stand out from the rest. The concise cover on the front of the CD plus the right size will give you a crucial edge in the advertising material market.

DVD production

The successor to the CD format offers wide-ranging possibilities in the production of disc-shaped data media, as the drastically increased storage capacity opens up new horizons in compiling your DVDs. The kind of problem you might have to face with CD production, i.e. not exceeding the storage capacity available for you, just vanish out the window with the usual 4.5 gigabytes available on a DVD. Top-quality music, high-resolution photos as well as videos with the same quality as purchased films are no problem any more, thanks to our own DVD production. You want to shoot a really impressive commercial, add a surround sound to it and provide the whole thing with an elaborate menu? No problem at all with your own DVD. These days almost every household has a DVD player, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

DVD manufacture

Fortunately, there’s hardly any difference between the manufacture of DVDs and CDs. This is already recognisable by the form factor, since a DVD has exactly the same size as a commercial CD. Individual requests can also be complied with in DVD manufacture, such as producing them in 8 centimetre format, pressing DVDs in visiting or credit card formats – culminating in special wishes like unusual cover designs. Furthermore, as we’ve been in the market for over ten-years, the DVD manufacturing process has developed to such an extent that you don’t have to suffer any disadvantages compared to a CD. You can freely design a DVD any way you like just like a CD. Using a DVD as an advertising medium, you will also immediately impress upon your customers that you are to be taken seriously – because, well, let’s be honest: the “conventional” advertising media such as key chains, pens and colourful bags are not going to impress anybody anymore in 2012.

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