USB Stick & SD Card

The memory card as advertising material

The USB Stick and the Secure Digital Card should always be used when you need to store information in the smallest possible space.

The USB Memory Stick

USB Memory Sticks are storage media for saving text, photo, audio or video data. The chips used for storing the data are so-called flash memory chips. In contrast to memory cards, it’s easy to connect the USB stick to nearly all computers using the USB interface, enabling a fast data exchange.

Ideal as a promotional gift, for a company presentation, as a digital product catalogue and much more – optional personalisation possible with up to 4-colour imprint or engraving.

Thanks to our copy stations, we can load the sticks with the data you provide (presentations, documents, films, etc.) in the shortest possible time.

On request, we will gift pack your USB sticks in metal, plastic or carton gift boxes.

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Secure Digital Cards

Secure Digital CardsThe Secure Digital Card (also called Flash Card or Memory Card) also works with a flash memory – a small digital memory chip for storing text, photo, audio or video data on.

SD cards are commonly used in a wide range of devices – for example in digital cameras for taking photos, in MP3 players for playing MP3 files, in PDAs, smartphone, mobile phones and mobile media players and games consoles.

From an order quantity as few as 100 pieces, we offer SD cards including duplication, labelling and packaging. From the data provided (e.g. games, music, films or software), INFORMA creates master images and copies them with its own copy stations to the memory cards.

In the course of the duplication process, the data is read and verified against the master data. In the process, any defect memory cards are automatically recognised and immediately rejected.

After duplication, the SD cards can be stickered with pre-printed labels. We produce the label to your digital specifications

On request, we gift pack the SD cards directly in digipacks or plastic boxes with special trays. Packaging in transparent plastic mini jewel cases is also possible.

For orders and requests, please directly contact our customer services by E-Mail or by telephone under the number +49 (0) 05241/40005-0

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