GEMA / Music Licences

Security through clarifying the rights

In the world of music publishing, the person who publishes music (i.e. a music CD), which he has not composed himself, is obligated to pay for rights of use. The responsible agency in this regard is GEMA (Association for Musical Performance and Mechanical Reproduction Rights), from whom the rights to use the music are acquired. GEMA passes on the royalties to composers, lyricists and music publishers.

With informa® as your professional partner for dealing with GEMA and licences, you don’t have to worry about anything. Whether you select music titles from us or bring your own selected music titles with you, we will negotiate and settle with GEMA on your behalf.

You intend to assume the cooperation with GEMA yourself? In that case, we then require a copy of the licensing agreement as well as the GEMA registration.

Incidentally: For a CD-ROM production with informa®, we require a deed of release, in which it is indicated whether it includes music. If so, we then require valid licence verification and a GEMA confirmation.

GEMA deed of release for CD-ROM productions

GEMA deed of release (blank media)